The canvas for your art

Your photoshoot is booked, but you don't know where to go to have the photos taken? Here's some top tips to picking the perfect location for your newborn, maternity or family photoshoot.


The location you select is the backdrop or canvas for your images so consider what colours, tones and ambience you would like to achieve with your images when selecting. Do you want lush, green parkland with gorgeous old trees, lakes and wildlife? Perhaps you prefer countryside locations with long grasses and fields of gold that stretch out as far as the eye can see. Or maybe you enjoy the moody tones of an ocean on a cloudy day, or bright blue sky and white sand.


Consider the type of memories you would like captured. You may find that being at home surrounded by your familiar provides the most comfortable environment for your family and therefore, your session. It's also a beautiful opportunity to capture your haven and pay homage to the role it plays in your family. Or, perhaps splashing amongst the waves at the beach or adventuring through new-found countryside is the memory you would like to treasure.


Perhaps the outdoors and unpredictable weather is a real turn-off to you booking a photoshoot. Or maybe you feel your home is not picture-worthy. Firstly, every home is picture perfect. To create beautiful photos with your family at home, the main ingredient needed is light for a natural light photographer. A window in single room will do the trick so no need for big spaces or to tidy your whole home, especially if children live in your home! Props and moving furniture around also to help get the space ready.

An alternative to your home and also a great solution to avoid temperamental weather is a studio session. A natural light studio space encourages a relaxed and calm environment for families to enjoy, without harsh lighting or the stresses of weather and preparing your home. My stunning natural light studio in the heart of Geelong is designed to be your home away from home for our time together. A light filled oasis away from the elements all year round.


I have selected my favourite outdoor locations in the Geelong and Surf Coast area to provide the most beautiful backdrops for my client's Golden Hour sunset images. Ranging from countryside, to beach and bush settings, I have located some hidden gems to ensure my clients are relaxed and enjoy our session together. I also have some favourite locations in Melbourne and surrounds.

Check out my Galleries and Portfolio to see how I have helped my clients to select a location that helps to create the images of their dreams.

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Not sure where you'd like to have your photoshoot? Get in touch. I'd love to chat!