My top tips to styling your family for a photoshoot

You've booked your photography session, now you need to dress your family. Don't worry, I got you. I adore fashion and in another life, I may have been a stylist! Instead, I adore helping my clients get photo-ready to ensure they're feeling their most beautiful self, and their outfits suit my photography style so they get the photos they've been swooning over for themselves.

Here are my top tips for styling your family for your photoshoot.


My photography sessions are designed to capture you naturally - no awkward poses here - and my clothing and style advice is along these lines too. Think, natural materials, warm tones and earthy vibes. I love beautiful long, flowing dresses with voluminous sleeves on mothers, relaxed yet modern outfits on males, and age-appropriate alternatives to these on children.


Neutral, earthy tones, and muted, pastel colours, creams and whites bring warmth to a photo. Adhering to a neutral palette will ensure your photos won't date and will withstand the test of time. In addition to tonal warmth, consider layering clothing to allow you to adjust to changes in temperature throughout our session.


Let's avoid boy band matching white shirts and denim. Your clothing should complement others in your session. That is, similar colours and tones, with varying textures and muted patterns that work together, not clash. I encourage Mothers to select their outfit first, then style the rest of the family around them.


To keep it simple and all those in the shoot aligned, bare feet is generally advised. However, sometimes a shoe can make an outfit and suits your style, the shoot and the setting so, bring them on if that's the case.


Piece of inherited jewellery? Signature hat? Family baby blanket? Bring these items along and incorporate it into your memories.


In most cases, avoid harsh dark or bright colours, bold patterns or big logos. I encourage males to avoid collared button up shirts and think - and therefore feel - more relaxed. Think more smart casual (Country Road T-Shirt or long sleeve shirt), and less business. Remove phones and wallets from pockets and watches that you don't want to appear as the pager of the 1990's in 20 years time.


You should feel your most beautiful. This is the most important tip of all. Your photos are a mirror of you, your experience and this moment in time so, if you're not feeling it, your photos will show this. Take your time to wear the dress - heck, wear the SPARKLY dress - get your hair and make-up professionally styled if you feel that will help. My sessions encourage movement and connection, and my photography style suits beautiful, long flowing dresses and smart casual clothing to enable this.


The only styling in these sessions is yours! Documentary-style sessions are designed to capture your true personality so, wear whatever truly represents this. Let the kids wear their favourite costume or tutu, and make sure you're comfortable (but in a way you'd want to see yourselves framed on your walls!), just as you are.

Upon booking, my clients receive a Styling Guide to allow us to create their dream photoshoot through their outfits together. It also includes access to my Client Wardrobe, filled with stunning dresses for mothers and gorgeous outfits for newborn babies that are complimentary to every photoshoot. I have also partnered with Mama Rentals and Everything Lace Hire to offer my clients a discount off hire outfits specifically designed for use in photoshoots, and finally, I have a list of recommended brands for clients to consider.

For more styling information, check out my Galleries and Portfolio to see how I have helped my clients to style their photoshoots to achieve the images of their dreams.

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Got a styling question? Get in touch. I'd love to chat!