The Beauty of Connection

There is no greater bond, no one with greater knowledge of the person that is the real you, than that of your family. Take this time to relax into a moment with those you love most, to breathe each other in, to play, laugh, explore and have fun, and I will capture those tender moments of your unique connection to keep for a lifetime.

Enjoy complimentary access to my high-end wardrobe as we capture these moments in your home - your sanctuary, amongst the golden hues of nature, or in the tranquil light-filled oasis of The Studio.

A documentary style This Is Us session captures the beauty of your everyday without direction or styling. Your rituals, the everyday moments you never want to forget. Plus, include an 'Our Story' Album package to feature your session images alongside the story of you, written by writer with heart and by trade, Melina.

Kind words

Kind words

“Oh - my - goodness! You just made my day even more special. Thank you so so so much! These are just beautiful. WOW! Thank you so much for making the whole experience so special!”