Freddie and Jessica in a motherhood photoshoot

Freddie is four months of delicious squish and beautiful smiles, so what better time for a photoshoot in my light-filled Geelong studio to capture these gorgeous developments?

Freddie was alert for our session, wide-eyed and taking all her setting in, but also diving into this lovely opportunity to have this mother of three daughters to herself and connect deeply. Freddie and Jessica played, tickled and laughed, and when needed, we allowed Freddie the chance to breastfeed.

Freddie is the ultimate proof that any age is beautiful to capture photographs that ensure this time doesn't pass and become forgotten.



Oh my gosh Melina I am so spoilt.

Galleries don’t normally make me emotional but this one did. I could really see how much I love her.

I honestly can’t fault you. Your posing, editing and skin tones are flawless. Wow you. So glad I met you.

These will be treasured always and I love that it’s just me and her. Symbolising our time together while her big sisters are at school